Structuring process for 3D microcomponents

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The invention concerns a microproduction technology in the field of structuring methods for 3D microcomponents. From this approach, a novel wafer-level technology platform is to be derived, which substitutes many steps in the packaging and assembly technology, thus simplifying system integration.

Fig. 1: Prototype 3D-coil on wafer level


The LIGA technology is currently used to produce 3D microcomponents made of metals, ceramics and polymers. Here, mould inserts are produced by X-ray lithography and electroforming. In addition, adhering metal mouldings can be applied to the moulds.


The production of 3D systems is currently laborious, cost intensive and can only be conditionally transferred for large-scale production or at wafer level for batch production.

Innovation / Solution

The service invention describes a method by which injection moulded 3D components are patterned with a reflection system by direct laser processing and electro-chemical deposition processes. The injection moulded parts must be suitable in terms of shape and material for laser structuring. After activation by the laser, desired areas can be patterned by deposition processes with copper in various thicknesses. Thus, these injection-moulded parts can be shaped as wafers with a topography and various functions can be realized easily. These include e. g. cooling structure, vias or a magnetic core material in form of a foil can be integrated into the component.


Comparatively low production costs Production of complex 3D microcomponents with little effort at wafer level Possibility to create cavities for the integration of discrete elements Integration of passive laminates without direct electrical contact, e.g. magnetic toroidal cores with a layer thickness which is unusual for microproduction technology

fields of application

Microsystems technology, sensors, actuators

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