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EZN transfers results from research and development into reality. Until today, EZN's experts have provided advice more than 50,000 times, objectively evaluated over 16,000 new technologies, supported and promoted more than 5,000 innovative projects, as well as successfully implemented and accompanied numerous development and marketing projects. more...

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“Wie Patente funktionieren – Voraussetzungen, Anmeldung und Beispiele”

Der Fachartikel von Herrn Dr. Hanns Kache “Wie Patente funktionieren” gibt Einsteigern einen umfassenden Einblick in das Patentwesen und ist in den Zeitschriften elektrotechnik, elektronikpraxis, konstruktionspraxis und storageinsider erschienen.


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Support of R&D and Protection of Your Knowledge

EZN’s engineers know how new products and processes have to be technically implemented and sufficiently patented in order to be successfully marketed, more…

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Current technology offers from EZN, companies and universities can be found in the “Innoland” database by means of a special search profile. Name your wishes! more…

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