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Automatic loosening and dedusting of hay and straw: The dedusting device reliably binds the dust particles that are hazardous to health.

Condition monitoring of a pneumatic gripper using vibration measurement and analysis for safe operation in an automated production process

The goal of this invention is to detect potential deviations in the operation of a pneumatic gripper and automatically counteract the deviation. Thus, a safe gripper operation is possible.

Anti-ultraviolet aging nanocomposite-modified asphalt binder

Under UV radiation, bitumen partially absorbs the ultraviolet light emitted by solar radiation, which changes its molecular structure and chemical composition and promotes the aging process. Consequently, binders containing bitumen that are resistant to UV aging are of great interest for applications in asphalt road construction, roofing, sealing and building construction.

Crystalline hybrid layer dicalcium phosphate (HLCP), production process and application

Calcium phosphate (CaP) nanomaterials are of great importance as vehicles for e.g. antibiotics, growth factors or various drugs for the treatment of bone diseases, the promotion of hard tissue regeneration or the prevention of implant rejection, among others. The present innovation relates to a new crystalline hybrid layered dicalcium phosphate (HLCP) as a base material for, among others, bioceramics, biocomposites, bone scaffolds, implants and as a drug carrier.

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