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Hydrogen cooling for fuel cells and the accompanied water management improvement

It is widely accepted that using fuel cell systems in a civil aircraft can improve the design in multiple ways, such as reduced noise, lowered emissions and higher fuel economy and thus is better suited than traditional aircrafts. To further strengthen their competences in the aviation sector, the weight reduction and reliability improvement of these aviation fuel cell system designs are of great importance.

Uncertainty Quantification for Laminar Flow Control LFC and Hybrid Laminar Flow Control

The invention relates to an aerodynamic body, to be used in the aviation industry. The (hybrid) laminar flow control enables the laminar retention of the boundary layer by suction and thus a very low frictional drag. The suction speed is the most important parameter for effectiveness and efficiency – but it can not be measured directly. The invention includes a methodology with which the uncertainty of all input variables can be systematically taken into account in an indirect determination of the local suction speeds.

Optically Controlled Material “OptiContMat”

The invention relates to a process for producing a nanostructured layer system which has a substrate, an intermediate layer which is applied to the substrate and contains an aromatic azo compound, in particular an azobenzene-containing low-molecular-weight glass, and a metallic outer layer, the intermediate layer being structured in a light-induced manner.

Grid structure for the analysis of ions especially in ion mobility spectrometers

The invention relates to ion mobility spectrometers (IMS) and is characterized by a significant improvement in sensitivity.

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