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Grid structure for the analysis of ions especially in ion mobility spectrometers

The invention relates to ion mobility spectrometers (IMS) and is characterized by a significant improvement in sensitivity.

Method for optimising energy-saving more efficient heating systems

The technology concerns a process that can be easily used to save energy and increase the efficiency of heating and cooling systems in buildings.

Method for improving the quality of a person’s hearing, cochlear implant as well as cochlear implant system

According to the invention, a method for im-proving the hearing quality of a person with hearing impairment by means of a cochlear implant is proposed. The cochlear implant has an external unit and is effectively connected to the hearing apparatus of the person by means of electrodes.

Graphene induced energy transfer for the quantification of the structure and dynamics of protein complexes

The present invention relates generally to the structure and activity determination of biomolecules. By developing biofunctionalized graphene layer as a sensitive sensor for biomolecules, the nanoscopic anatomy of protein structure and detection of DNA hybridization are obtained. The field of the application is biosensor. The invention has a broad application in scientific research, diagnosis and drug screening.