3D modelling technique for 3D interaction space, touch interfaces and WIMP systems based on implicit determined or specific modelling planes or lines

Ref-Nr: 16078


The field of application of the new technology is the computer-based modelling of three-dimensional objects (as e.g. in a virtual space).

Fig. 1: User view when using a Head Mounted Displays and Finger Tracking


Two-dimensional input devices are available at most PC workstations and users are trained in the use of these devices.

Three-dimensional input devices, however, are rarely available, so central interaction concepts cannot be based on three-dimensional entries in current commercial tools.

Innovation / Solution

The new technology includes a cross-device three dimensional modelling technique that will enable the development of a three-dimensional modelling system, which contains two-dimensional input devices (as e.g. mouse or touch interface) for controlling and further three-dimensional input devices. Modelling operations are initiated by contact in 3D space. Thus, a modelling operation and an appropriate modelling of a plane/layer is determined. The change in shape is effected by movement of the finger in the modelling plane or along the modelling layer and is terminated by removal of the finger. In Fig. 1, the user view is shown.


Simple and user-friendly modelling in augmented reality scenarios Expansion of commercial 3D modelling tools to 3D input techniques Low learning time for the user

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