Arrangement and method for determining a measurement value for a power cable

// Electronics and Electrotechnology // Energy Transfer // Measuring and Control Technology
Ref-Nr: 16013


The present invention can be used in the asset Management of power transmission networks.

Fig. 1: Schematic representation of an energy cable with a measuring system in the conductor


Processes are known that attach external sensors to the cable sheath. The values are used to calculate the cable temperature on the basis of calculation models. Another possibility is fiber optic cables, which are inserted into the cable sheath. The light changes its polarization depending on the temperature.


Disadvantages result from changes in the electric field, the necessity of additional energy for the measuring equipment and the complex calculation methods.

Innovation / Solution

The new method is particularly suitable for joints (sockets, plugs) that have not yet been monitored. It does not require an additional energy source, as electricity is generated and used from the heat generated. Fig. 1 schematically shows a power cable with a measuring sensor in the conductor as a possible design.


Attachment to fittings possible. Localization of a fault without problems due to radio signal. Can be used for DC voltage cables.

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