Determination of the degree of utilization of electrical equipment taking into account the current temperature of the equipment, current load and ambient conditions

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The invention provides for a procedure which, for example, determines and monitors the operating status in an electrical switchgear. Temperature monitoring is based on temperature measurement, current actual value determination and heating time constants.

Fig. 1: Temperature curve in the event of a short circuit; example of relationship between temperature and current level


Temperature measurement technology is currently used within switchgear or electrical equipment. Based on the temperature measuring points, a possible temperature distribution within the switchgear or the equipment can be simulated.


With the previous methods, the cause of a temperature rise cannot be determined with sufficient accuracy, since, for example, various effects can overlap. In addition, the combination of several physical measured variables such as the flowing current and the ambient temperature of the switchgear is not used for further analysis in relation to each other and is usually not recorded.

Innovation / Solution

The invention describes a method that, in addition to temperature measurement, records other important process parameters (e.g. current, ambient temperature, switching state, etc.), records the temporal course of the parameters and links them to each other. The data is stored in a database using appropriate computer technology and examined for characteristic patterns. Depending on the determined temperature curve and the recorded process parameters, it is possible to deduce the cause of the heating. In the following, possible scenarios are listed which can be traced and unambiguously identified by the procedure: - Short-circuit case, - Occurrence of eddy currents, - Increase in ambient temperature, - Statements about the spatial temperature curve, - Change in the flow conditions of the cooling system, - Modification of the environmental parameters, - Changing the switching state of the equipment.


With the detailed measurement data, important insights can be gained for the further development of equipment and processes. With the help of simple computer technology, condition-oriented maintenance of the equipment is possible. The degree of utilization of the equipment can be optimized. Changes to the equipment can be detected at an early stage. No additional equipment (battery, power supply) is required, as energy is generated for the measurement technology's own supply.

fields of application

Initially, the process is only intended for use in electrical power distribution systems. However, the application can be extended to all areas in which process parameters (e.g. temperature, current, material flows) are to be recorded and evaluated. In addition, the temperature sensor can be exchanged for other sensors, which would enable further applications.

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