Continuous generating grinding of rotationally symmetrical cutting tools

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The process according to the invention can be used primarily by manufacturers of cutting tools as well as by regrinding companies of rotationally symmetrical cutting tools. Such cutting tools are, among others, end mills, reamers, drilling tools, saw blades or side milling cutters. In addition, machine tool manufacturers can take up the method according to the invention and deliver it in combination with their machines. This concerns, for example, the knowledge for process design and simulation of the process.

Fig. 1: Continuous generating grinding process for cutting tools


For the hard finishing of milling cutters and other cutting tools, flute grinding is used first – followed by face and circumferential machining. Machining of the flutes involves coupled translational and rotational movements and is also similar to the discontinuous profile grinding of gear teeth.

Innovation / Solution

In the modern production of gear teeth, continuous generating grinding for the hard finishing of gears has established itself due to its higher productivity compared to discontinuous profile grinding. In continuous generating grinding, a grinding worm with rack profile is used as the tool. The involute shape is produced by rolling the grinding worm and gear teeth. This process approach is transferred to the manufacture of cutting tools, as there are similarities with regard to process kinematics and workpiece geometry.


Transfer of the continuous generating grinding process to rotationally symmetrical cutting tools Reduction or elimination of process steps High productivity and thus cost advantages compared to the existing multi-stage grinding processes in cutting tool production Increase of the workpiece quality by using shift strategies

fields of application

The technology according to the invention can be applied to the production of cutting tools.

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