Intelligent protective clothing

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Ref-Nr: 16164


This invention concerns protective clothing for live working. Sensors are arranged on the protective clothing to determine the electric field strength. A computing unit evaluates the measured values and emits a signal when a predetermined limit value is reached.


A very high proportion of electrical accidents occur in the low voltage range. In the majority of accidents, there is a body current. This occurs as soon as live parts of electrical systems are touched directly or if the required safety distance is undershot.


Voltage-carrying components are usually covered so that contact is excluded. If, however, work has to be carried out under voltage, it is inevitable that covers will have to be removed. Protective clothing is required to prevent direct contact with live components.

Innovation / Solution

Sensors and a computing device are integrated into protective clothing in such a way that the electric field can be determined via the gradient with respect to the spatial orientation. As soon as the protective clothing approaches a potential hazard, a warning message is sent to the worker or to a higher level.


Detection of voltage-carrying components and classification of the voltage level by the protective clothing. Warning when approaching live components to the user; if necessary, automatic switch-off of the switchgear and alarming of an emergency physician. Further analyses by combination with Vital sensors (e.g. pulse).

fields of application

The protective clothing is suitable for fitters and operating personnel who work under voltage in the low, medium, high and extra-high voltage ranges.

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