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  • Technologietransferpreis 2013

    Der Technologietransferpreis 2013 der IHK Braunschweig wurde an Herrn Prof. Dr. Schilling von der Technischen Universität Braunschweig sowie die Geschäftsführer der Capical GmbH, Herrn Dr. Martin Oehler und Herrn Dipl.-Wirtsch.-Ing. Henning Böge, für ihren besonderen Einsatz beim Transfer eines „kapazitiven ortsauflösenden EKG-Systems“ vergeben. EZN unterstützt die Neugründung seit mehreren Jahren im Rahmen des Landesförderprogramms „Innovationen sichern – Schutzrechte verwerten“

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You are right here for your invention

EZN Gets Your Ideas Moving

What is the sense of an invention if nobody knows it? EZN is one of the most successful and independent service company on the market, advising companies, universities and inventors having questions about their ideas. Evaluations of technologies and markets, securing intellectual property rights, realizing ideas until they are on the market, either as products or processes – you will hardly find another company offering such a full service from the start to the finish.


No Progress Without Inventions

Why it is so important that people think ahead

Everybody talks about innovations. EZN speaks about inventions. Why? An invention has power, an invention moves the world, and it makes life easier. An invention is the most important factor for development of human civilization: Wheel, letterpress printing, aeroplane, computer – who would talk here about innovations. The first step of an innovation is always an invention.

In many heads there are still ideas to be discovered: Great ideas being close to a revolution, small ideas advancing progress. And for all you can say: Behind each good invention there is a great spirit that needs support for the realization of its thoughts.



Quite clear: This is the value of a Patent!

SIGNO-standard creates comparability

Until now there have been no integrated rules to estimate the prospects of success of new technologies. “SIGNO Standard Patent Value” defines rules of quality, which are also in use at EZN. This standard is based on insights of many years of experience, scientific theory and practical research.

EZN developed this “Standard Patent Value” in cooperation with Fraunhofer, Steinbeis, IMG and Intracom on initiative of the German Institute of Economy, Cologne. Thus, evaluation of technology and patents is now transparent and comparable.

EZN offers the production of these expertises for public and private customers, e.g. banks, insurances and enterprises.